What’s  included in the day ticket?

All items in the area works without additional charge..Grilling in fireplaces and all the necessary facilities included.. All gamemachines operate without money.

 Can I pay  with a bank or a credit card?

Yes, in all our selling points we have a terminal where you can pay with a credit card.

 Do I need to bring my own wood/coal if I want to grill?

 We sell firewood at the park but you can also bring your own. Bring your own food and drinks, or get them from us.

 If we want to spend  our own or  our childs birthday in the park, how does it work?

 You just come to the park, and choose the location, where you want to be and spend your birthday.

 Is the water in the pools heated?

 Yes, pools are heated to at least   18 C temperature.

 Do young children also have to pay an entrance fee?

 Less than 1 m ( length)  children are able to come to the park for free.

 Does Vembu-Tembumaa  storage space for our goods  ?

 Yes, in the dressing rooms we have free storage space.

 Do you have a first-aid point in the park?

 Yes, we have always a nurse in the park, who will give first-aid and will help with small injuries. If necessary, the nurse will call an ambulance.

 Where can I park my car ?

 Vembu-Tembumaa parking areas are located next to the park, and they are free of charge.

 Can I bring a dog to park?

 No pets are allowed in the park due to the number of other customers in the park.

 Do you have any restaurants in the park ?

 There are numerous. Something for everyone!