Puuhamaa cart driving is a subject to the following driving rules:


 NB!  Cart driving is limited to  3 times during the day

To have a pleasant driving experience, you are required to meet all the following rules
and recommendations.

Drive at your own risk.

Riders must wear helmets. Base caps will be given to you at the track . Think
about whether you have the appropriate attire for cart races.

Do not wear loose items while driving. Loose items and long hair can cause injury.

Driving under the influence  (alcohol or other drugs) is strictly forbidden.

Driving carelessly and dangerously can end your drive.

The accelerator is controlled by the right leg and brakes by the left, never push both simultaneously.

The Maximum allowed driving speed when driving to the box is walking speed (5km/h)

Exit from the cart while on the track without permission from the employee is forbidden. If you need assistance, then drive along the track and raise your hand. Walking on the track is prohibited.

Hold the steering wheel with two hands, so that the left hand clockwise by 10 o’clock top and right hand on the 2 o’clock.

Please ask questions before starting the trip.


All types of violations shall be considered sufficient cause to remove you from the track. Thank you for your cooperation.


We wish you an interesting and enjoyable driving experience.

SAFETY is the most important