Please refer to the following restrictions and special requirements
before you purchase a ticket .

Vembu-Tembumaa  has a day ticket - wrist strap. It gives the right to family attractions in the park for repeated visits (visits are restricted to only the date of purchase).

GO-carting is limited  - 3 times during the day

Damaged or broken wristbands are invalid and cannot be changed.

Children less than 1 m height are not required  wristbands when visiting the attractions with an adult. (Ie, less than 1m children have free entrance to the park and attractions).

Bicycles, rollers, or riding a skateboard in the park are prohibited.

It is forbidden to bring pets into the park.

Smoking is prohibited in the park (except in the designated areas).

Family park ticket office is open everyday from 11.00 to 18.00

All attractions will be closed at 18.45

During a lightning storm and heavy rain, our electrical games and most of the attractions are stopped for safety reasons.

Attractions limitations:

PLASTIC CARS - children up to 6 years

POWER TRAIN - children up to 3 years with an adult

Traffic City (a small electric car) - less than 145 cm of small children

ATV 50 cm3 (small ATV) - Children up to 12 years

ATV 90 cm3 (large ATV) - from 12 years and up to 70 kg

(To ensure safety during the rain from 14 years )

Go-cart - whose legs reach the brake pedal

AUTODROOM - children less than 120 cm with an adult

Carousel Nostalgia - children up to 4 years if accompanied

TARZAN Trail  -  children up to 6 years with an adult

POOLS-Slides - children up to 7 years with an adult (except the
small pool)

"Steamer" - children up to 5 years with an adult

CART - children from 6 years and adults

Golf and Pool-GOLF - golf ball to play  is 2 EUR, money back when you return the ball

JUMPING TIGER - children up to 6 years

"Mushroom Mikk" - children up to 6 years


NOTE! Before the child's admission to attractions parents or adults required to ensure that the child understands how to behave and what exactly do! Only then allows the child's attractions - the same goes for the other attractions that require dexterity and balance.